Coolendar is gone

After 6 great years driving natural-language calendaring for tens of thousands of users, the time has come to say goodbye.

Since the early days when we had more users, appointments and features than Wunderlist, I kept this project running on myself as a spare-time side-project. While I had some advanced conversations with investors, I never succeeded in making this a business. So I kept the project running and managed to handle the costs myself, but the major motivation for shutting down now is that Coolendar is in the desperate need of a technology update and lift up. Which I can't handle at the moment.

I'm still highly interested in smarter and innovative ways of planning. If you are somehow interested in supporting the continuation of this project with a business offer, get in contact at If nothing happens, I plan to release the complete source code under an open source license (eventually).

Thanks for all the support during these years, and a special thanks to Id, Gustavo, Gabriel and Lucas who helped me to deliver this great piece of tech!


Fabiano Franz